Amblyopia screener & vision screener

Amblyopia screener & vision screener

Recognizing ametropia is a challenge at any age.
For this purpose, appropriate devices are available for every age group.

With the compact table-top device Rodenstock R 30nykto, not only child-friendly symbols but also pre-defined test programs can be used in accordance with the German regulations for employer’s liability insurance principles.

  • mesopic vision with and without glare according to DIN 58220 part 7
  • visual acuity for distance and near according to DIN 58220 part 5
  • visual acuity for the road traffic-related eye test according to DIN 58220 part 6
  • visual performance for driving, steering and monitoring activities according to G25
  • visual performance for activities when using a computer workstation according to G37
  • aero-medical fitness requirement class 2 (JAR-FCL) 

The compact Titmus V3 eye test device, which can be controlled by remote control, is particularly child-oriented and therefore ideal for pediatric practices and health offices. Suitable test slides are available for the age groups from preschool children to adolescents, with which the essential visual functions can be tested in the far and near range.

The Visiolite vision screener enables numerous examinations with maximum flexibility for your patients (examinations according to G25, G37, G41, FEV, EM1). The Visiolite is readily used in occupational medicine.

You can find more detailed information on the various vision and Amblyopia screener in the respective product description below, for an overview of the portfolio please click here.