Catheters, stents and incontinence

Catheters, stents and incontinence

Urinary catheters are tubes of various materials and designs (color, length, size in Charrière, catheter tip, balloon size, number of lumina) that are used for urine drainage. Depending on the type of urinary diversion, a distinction is made between transurethral catheters, which are inserted into the bladder via the urethra, and suprapubic catheters, which are inserted directly into the urinary bladder through a puncture in the abdominal wall.

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of catheters from different brands and manufacturers, which can also be obtained from us as consultation hours for your practice.

The catheter is placed by the doctor or specialist staff. Of course, we offer corresponding accessories for catheterization, such as medical lubricant gel, blocker syringes, plugs, puncture sets, dilators and much more.

Our incontinence portfolio also includes various therapeutic appliances including urine drainage systems, restraint aids, urinal condoms and catheter valves for optimal patient care.

We also carry various products for nephrostomy and postoperative drainage as well as a selection of ureter stents.