Robotic Tip 50µl Racked Non-Sterile Compatible with Biomek® FX/NX/3000 & Multimek™ 96 Workstation

Art.Nr.: MD-AL-01408

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Product for imminent discontinuation. No alternatives available. Range being discontinued. The non-sterile 50µl Robotic tips are suitable for use with the Beckman Biomex® FX,NX/3000, Multimek™ 96 and Gilson Cyberlab Instruments fitted with the AP96 liquid handling head and feature Span-8 compatibility. The 50µl tips require the AP96 P200 software designation and demand no further hardware or software adjustments prior to use. Superior polished moulds have been used to manufacture these polypropylene tips, resulting in flash- free tips with minimal liquid retention. The nominal volume of these robotic tips is 50µl and the recommended maximum volume is 50µl. The tip racks have individual tip well compartments. This helps to prevent cross contamination between tips as well as adding extra strength to the rack. Each rack is 127.7mm in length and 85.5mm in width. The empty rack has a height of 46.2mm, 55.8mm with the tips loaded and 59.2mm with the lid on. Strict quality standards, per ISO 9001:2008, are followed from tip R&D to production and delivery. Each lot of tips is required to pass the highest level of Quality Assurance testing. All tips are certified RNase, DNase and DNA free. Sterile tips are further e-beam irradiated and certified Pyrogen/Endotoxin free. The non-sterile 50µl Robotic tips are supplied in 10 racks of 96 t ips.