50ul T/Genesis tips, Racked, Black Non-Sterile (960 p.)

Art.Nr.: MD-AL-01419

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These pipette tips have over 30 years of expertise in their manufacturing ensuring each pack contains consistently high quality reliable tips for your automated liquid handling procedures.
All robotic tips are packaged in sturdy, specially designed racks that can withstand the extreme forces exerted on them by the automated workstations. All tips are manufactured out of the highest grades of virgin polypropylene and undergo the most rigorous QC/QA testing.
Automated workstations using multichannel heads are used in conjunction with multiwall plates. This means tips for use in automated workstations must adhere to tolerances that are much tighter than those of standard pipette tips. Autoclaving tips can cause them to warp slightly, which in turn can make them miss the wells of the plate. Our recommendation is that if you need sterile robotic tips, you purchase them pre-sterilised to avoid this problem.
All sterile products are irradiated by electron beam radiation, which is less damaging to plastics than gamma irradiation and does not leave any of the toxic residues sometime associated with gas sterilisation.
All tips are certified to be free from RNase and DNase. Sterile tips are further certified free from DNA, Pyrogens and ATP.

Tip Volume: 50µl
Tip Style: Non-Filtered, Conductive - Liquid Sensing Robotic Tips manufactured with carbon black conductive polypropylene for robotic liquid handling systems.
Colour: Black
Sterile: Non-Sterile
Certification: RNase and DNase Free
Packaging: Rack of 96 tips, 10 racks per pack

Workstation compatibility:
Tecan Genesis
Perkin Elmer MultiPROBE II HT