50µl Tecan-fit Filter Tip Black Rack Sterile (2x96p.)

Art.Nr.: MD-AL-01957

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The 50µl Black Conductive Filtered Racked Sterile Robotic Tips are designed for use with the automated workstations. They incorporate a polyethylene filter for added protection of your sample against contamination. They are supplied in trays of 12 packs of 2 blister-packed racks.

Conductive tips are manufactured using a composite of conductive carbon black and polypropylene which carries liquid-level sensing properties. Minimal immersion is guaranteed as the tip filling height is recognised by the system. This ensures greater accuracy and precision during aspirating and dispensing steps.

These Alpha Robotic tips are engineered to the exact specification of the instrument for which they are designed. They are compatible with the following workstations:

Tecan: Genesis, Freedom EVO, MiniPrep, Cavro
Qiagen/Corbett: CAS 1200/4200/4800, QIAgility
Perkin Elmer (Packard): Multiprobe II, Janus (with Multiprobe Head)

The robotic tips are manufactured under clean room conditions. Each lot is certified free of DNA, DNase, RNase, ATP & Pyrogens. Where product is specified as sterile, the tips have been sterilised by beta irradiation.

The 50µl Black Conductive Filtered Racked Sterile Robotic Tips are supplied racked in 12 packs of 2 trays of 96 tips.