100-1000µL univ. tips racked sterile (6x96) ultrafine

Art.Nr.: MD-AL-01784

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These Blue 1000µl Bevelled, Racked, Sterile tips from Alpha Laboratories are ideal for accurate pipetting of larger sample volumes. The tips are 76mm in length and have been manufactured using high quality, non-cytotoxic medical grade, radiation-stabilised virgin polypropylene. The resin is pre-tested to determine if extractables that interfere with PCR or DNA are present. Resins containing high levels of extractables in the 240nm to 320nm range are excluded from production. The fine, bevelled, dispensing end fits into 0.65ml microcentrifuge tubes. A bevelled end retains less fluid and is a good choice for a variety of procedures. Every lot of tips is tested and certified RNase, DNase, DNA and endotoxin/pyrogen free. Where product is marked sterile, sterilisation is by Gamma irradiation. The sterilisation process follows the ISO 11137 procedures for sterility. The tips can also be autoclaved at 122C for 20 minutes at 15psi. The 1000µl Bevelled, Racked, Sterile tips have a universal fit and are compatible with a wide variety of popular brand pipettes. They are supplied in 6 racks of 96