Pipette Tips

Using high quality pipette tips ensures you get maximum performance and no interference in your assays.

We never compromise on quality. Our tips are prodced from the highest grade virgin polypropylene using  computer-designed stainless steel moulds. The quality controll process takes the tips through up to 92 checks from resin  to final product to give you the quality reassurance you require.

Our eco-friendly packaging options include the popular Fastrack®tip refill system that gives you faster racking with less packing.


Non-Filter Tips

Alpha Laboratories has an extensive range of pipette tips for both routine and specialist applications. As part of an ongoing development programme, we continually improve our range to meet customer demands.

Non-Filter Tips are available in the following formats;

  • Loose non-sterile
  • Racked non-sterile
  • Racked sterile
  • Refills non-sterile
  • Refills sterile


Filter Tips 

There are three aerosol resistant filter tip ranges available from Alpha Labs to keep your pipettes and samples free of contamination. All are produced from the highest quality virgin polypropylene and are certified for the absence of DNase, RNase, Hum

Tip Rack Refill Systems

Tip rack refill systems designed to reduce waste, save time and help lower your carbon footprint.

Featuring the Fastrak® system, probably the most eco-friendly pipette tip refill system available:

Fastrak tips are designed to fit a wide range of pipettes, which simplifies tip sourcing for the laboratory. Each batch of tips is thoroughly tested on pipettes for which they are designed to be used - your assurance of accuracy and precision with your pipette, time after time.
They are compatible with a wide range of single and multi-channel pipettes including:

  • Sartorius (Biohit)
  • Gilson
  • Eppendorf
  • Thermo Finnpipette
  • Thermo Matrix
  • Rainin
  • Brand

Naturally, it is vital have a good tip fit for your particular pipette. However, the ability of a tip to fit a pipette can vary even for the same brand and model due to:

  • Wear and tear during use
  • Manufacturers using different tip cones in various geographic locations
  • New designs and improvements

The compatibility of our tips with new and existing models is checked on a regular basis.

ATLAS II Tip Refill System

Compact and easy to store; the ATLAS II refill system helps you to maximise storage space in the laboratory. This unique system utilises the ATLAS Tip Loader which allows you to load 96 pipette tips in seconds and save up to 90% on generated waste.
The systems recycler packs fit onto the top of the loader ensuring correct tip-to-rack alignment.

Packaging Guide

  • Loose:
    Tips in durable, resealable polyethylene bags for bench use and hand-racking

  • Racked non-sterile:
    Allows you to sterilise racked tips by autoclaving as and when required.

  • Racked Sterile:
    Gamma-irradiated to provide the convenience of sterile tips immediately to hand.

  • Refills:
    Economical and environmentally friendly packaging

  • Sterile "singles":
    Individually wrapped, ideal for when only a small number of tips are required.

Leerboxen für Optifit Tip 1200µl (10 Boxen) passend zum MICRONAUT-System

Leerboxen für Optifit Tip 1200µl (10 Boxen) passend zum MICRONAUT-System